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Chickpea Pre-K

Bilingual Preschool

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Looking for engaging and reliable childcare in an immersive bilingual environment?

Chickpea Pre-K is now open for enrollment!

Our center is the perfect place for your child to expand their imagination, learn and practice Spanish, Italian and English develop fine and gross motor skills, and make new friends!

​Available to Brookline Residents
Ages 3-5*
Monday - Friday 
8:30- `12:30
*Children must be potty-trained.

What does a day of Chickpea Pre-K typically include?

Art Time
crafting, painting to classical music, playdoh sculpting, cutting collages
Free Play Time
building with LEGOs and trains, playing board games, dressing-up in costumes


Healthy Snack Time

eating and socializing with friends

Movement Time
dancing, yoga, musical chairs, karaoke


Spanish Circle Time

storytime, sing-a-long, games, activity books

(857) 210-9122

A Word from EEC

*EEC is the agency that oversees the early education and care and after school services for families in Massachusetts. As the agency that licenses child care, EEC has quality standards for all licensed programs to ensure high educational value, as well as health and safety.


Having a license means that we have demonstrated that we meet the standards outlined in the EEC regulations. To obtain your own copy of EEC Family Child Care Regulations, you may download them from the EEC web site at:

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